Screen Door Aluminum PCA CC with Large Pet Door

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• Large, sturdy pet door - 13 in. x 20 in. 
• Heavy Aluminum Frame

PCA Products hand-crafted aluminum screen doors are strong enough to securely include an equally strong large pet door. Pet door is 13 in. x 20 in. Our pet doors feature a hard plastic door with incorporated magnets and locks at the bottom to secure the door when needed, which eliminates the need for a separate insert to store when not in use.
  • 18×14 screen mesh: each square inch of 18×14 screen is equal to 18 little rectangle wide by 14 little rectangle high. Phifer 18×14 screen mesh will last about twice as long as standard screen mesh
  • Powder Coated for a durable lasting finish
  • Adjustable width 35.5 in. to 36.5 in. wide
  • Adjustable height 79.75 in. to 80.75 in. high
  • All installation hardware included: Aluminum z-bar frame, adjustable side expander with continuous piano hinge and installation fasteners
  • EZ Pull style handle and Pneumatic closure tube included
  • 50+ pound dogs