Plantation Louver Louver Solid Pine Unfinished Interior Door Slab

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• Wide 2 in. Open Louver Slats
• Solid Wood Core

These solid Pine Plantation wide louver style doors offer a modern, fresh look for your home. They are unfinished and can be painted or stained to match any decor. The wide 2 in. open louver slats allow air to flow while the high-quality vertical grain delivers the best appearance and performance. They are durable, made of solid pine, and are easy to install. The doors are constructed from solid pine from environmentally-friendly, sustainable yield forests. 

  • These are door slabs (not pre-hung)
  • Solid Wood Core
  • Wide 2 in. open louver slats
  • No bore holes
  • Open louvers to let air flow.
  • Wood from environment friendly sustained yield forest
  • Trimmable one inch sides, top, and bottom (best from bottom).
  • Hardware is not included
  • 5 Year limited warranty